Frostgrave Rule Book

GCMINI.COM has an overstock situation on the rule book for Frostgrave V2. Effective immediately we will be selling this rule book for $26.00. This sale will run until we get our inventory back to a manageable level. Don’t wait, get this rulebook while they are still discounted.

GCmini Helping to spread the gaming geek culture

Last year we worked with College Humor on the production of their “Dimension 20” series for Dropout TV.

Here is the synopsis of Dimension 20 from IMDB “Welcome to the land of dragons, wizards – and guidance counselors? Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan presents CollegeHumor’s very first RPG with an ’80s twist.”

We provided them with many building kits, some the built straight of the box, others were modified by their model and prop guys. We also supplied them with several modified kits and many custom pieces as well.

We worked closely with Rick Perry, the Production Designer and we got them what they needed in the time frame they needed it, often shipping custom parts the same day they were ordered.

Having been a full time commercial model maker my whole life and working with the entertainment industry from time to time, I went into this understanding that when a production calls to say they need something, they need it yesterday. I’m really happy that we were able to accommodate them every time.

The photos we are sharing are from the show and behind the scenes. Most shots include a GCmini kit, a modified kit, or some custom made bits we did just for the show.

Test of Honour

Test of honour is back on our shelves with its new rendition, version 2. The new starter set comes with everything to get you started except the minis which are sold separately. The set includes the 72 page rule book, 8 dice, 67 counters, 40 recruitment cards, 5 trait and upgrade cards, 22 skill cards, 7 injury cards, 4 quest cards, 10 honour cards, and 10 dishonor cards. Check it out here at


Check out these new SPQR minis from Warlord games. They’re made of Warlords new resin which allows for a great texture and more crisp detail. They even say primer isn’t needed. The detail is definitely important as the chain mail doesn’t look like a blur and emblems on helmets are crisp. All of Warlords new SPQR minis use this sort of resin. Check them out here at

New Bolt Action Support Groups

Introducing the all new bolt action support group sets. For use as supplemental aid to your main force are the Waffen SS, British Army, Fallschirmjäger, and US army support groups. Each set contains two officers, a medic, at least one radio operator/ spotter, a medium mortar team, and a medium machine gun. Check em out here at

New Ancient Times War Game

Now at GCmini is the full range of the SPQR miniatures game from warlord. Unlike their previous ancient combat games this revolves around warband skirmishes not full armies. So you can move your units of romans in for a flank instead of moving your whole platoon. The game utilizes the dice of fate, which puts one player in position to choose who goes first. This definitely puts an emphasis on planning as double turns can occur. Not only that but SPQR features hero’s which unlike the minions of the game have stat boosts. With these combined with the fact that moving through terrain plays a massive part in gameplay, you get a unique skirmish game set in ancient times. Check it out here at

Team Yankee is back … bigger and better than ever

In 2015, Battlefront Miniatures released Team Yankee, a 15mm wargame in cold war era Europe. GCmini was stocking the game and all the miniatures at that time and we even created an entire line of scenery specifically geared towards Team Yankee. For a while the game sold very well and then after a while, as with any new game, sales slowed a bit. When sales slowed, we decided to stop selling the game. I can admit now, years later, that this was a mistake. Team Yankee has grown in popularity and many new models and books have been released. The game has evolved past cold war Europe and now covers the areas of the middle east and countries like the United Kingdom, NATO, France, Iraq, Iran, Israel in addition to the original US, USSR, and West and East Germany.
So, to make a long story short (too late huh?), we have seen the error in our ways and are stocking Team Yankee once again.
In the attached photo you will see the first shipment to reach our warehouse, even more is one the way shortly.
Check out our selection of Team Yankee books and models at

Infinity, and Not Beyond It

Now at we’re carrying Infinity, well most of it as it meets its namesake there’s a lot. Even the two player battle packs of which I’ll be talking about Operation Coldfront. The Operation Coldfront battle pack pits the Ariadna and the Aleph against each other. In this battle pack the starter sets for each faction is included meaning you’ll receive the following:


3x line Kazak

1x Tank Hunter

1x Veteran Kazak

1x Ariadna Scout


3x Dakini Tacbots

1x Shukra Consultant

1x Yadu Trooper

1x Deva Functionary

Not only those but two exclusives, an Armata-2 Proyekt Ratnik, as well as Nagas. On top of that you’re getting ten pieces of scenery as well as one battle map, keeping with the theme of the scenery. Of course you’ll get all that you need to play; six twenty sided dice, state/order markers, a ruler, a template, and a 92 page Operation Coldfront booklet. The booklet details the history and some interesting facts of each faction, as well as the quick rules to get you through your first game. The complete rule book is sold separately from this battle pack, but the booklet is enough to get you hooked. Get your starter battle pack now at There’s a variety of them, which we carry, but they mostly differ in the factions you get to start.