Our 28mm 7-11 Store Finished by Paul Coleman

An amazing job by Paul Coleman on GameCraft’s 28mm 7-11 store. He finished it in the Post Apocalypse style for use with “This Is Not A Test”.
Great job Paul and thanks for sharing the great images.


New Corner Buildings Added Today

I just added 4 new corner buildings to the 6mm “Brownstone” series. These are probably the last of the series for a little while but I needed to get some more corner units done as there was only one before and the only way to get that one was in the “starter set”. Now you have 4 more corner choices as well as the ability to purchase all 4 of them in one set for a discount.


285MEV126-1-Edit 285MEV127-1 285MEV128-1 285MEV129-2 285MEV130-2-Edit

28mm Dumpsters

Even in the Zombie Apocalypse you’ll need a place to put your trash. These new resin pieces are perfect scatter terrain for your 28mm cityscape. It does not matter if you are fighting an invading army, aliens, zombies, or mutants … you need things to hide behind.
Photos of painted model coming soon.