WWII European Bombed City – 1/285th scale (6mm)

A 40″ x 40″ game board representing a generic WWII European destroyed city. There are just over 200 buildings making up this city. Every building on this board is a GameCraft Miniatures MatBoard series building. MatBoard buildings are made of laser cut MatBoard, a thick paper type material that is lightweight, durable, easy to work with and cuts with amazing accuracy on the laser cutter. So, if you have any reservations about working with MatBoard, check out these photos and see what can be done with this cool material.

City-17 City-16 City-15 City-14 City-13 City-12 City-11 City-10 City-9 City-8 City-7 City-6 City-5 City-4 City-3 City-2 City-1

Al Sijood Palace in 1/285th Scale

I am working on this new piece for our 285th scale middle east collection. This is the Al Sijood Palace in Baghdad Iraq. This will be a resin cast kit that comes in several pieces. I’ve taken some liberties in scaling this building down, the actual building in 1/285th scale would be about 16″ long … I’ve cheated a bit and got it down to a more reasonable 10″ long while still maintaining an impressive size.  I’m doing something very new with this kit, creating a mixed media kit.  The 4 walls and the dome will be resin castings and the roof and internal structure will be MDF.

These photos show the internal frame structure that is made of laser cut MDF.  This internal structure also makes up the roof pieces.   Note: the dome will not be a perfect hemisphere like the one shown, the Al Sijood Palace has a dome with a slight point to it’s top ,, the white dome shown here is for demonstration purposes only.

Palace-6 Palace-4 Palace-3 Palace-2 Palace-1

Airship Hangar in 285th Scale

This kit was inspired by the airship hangars at NAS Lakhurst NJ.Some artistic license had to be taken regarding accuracy of scale, if this was a true to scale model at 1/285th scale it would be approximately twice as large as it already is and we thought that was a little too big for gaming.

The overall size of the model with the doors closed is 20″ x 8.37″ x 5.2″ tall(508mm x 212mm x 132mm)

This model kit is made from .060″ (1.5mm) Acrylic (also know as Plexiglass or Persplex) for maximum durability.

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New subcategories for 1/285th Middle East Buildings

The 1/285th scale Middle Eastern buildings category includes resin cast buildings, acrylic building kits and matboard building kits.  As the category grew to hundreds of items it started become difficult to tell which items were resin, which were acrylic and which were matboard … so we’ve added sub-categories for the three different types of kits.

Now you have a choice.  If you want to see all items, regardless of material you can scroll through all the 1/285th scale Middle East structures, just like it was before or you can select any of the sub-categories if you only interesting one type of kit.

In addition to the three material types we’ve also added specific categories for Mosques, Ruined Buildings, and Middle East Accessories.

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285th Scale Middle East

New sub-categories for the 285th scale middle east series

Force on Force game at Orccon 2012

Reporting live from Orccon 2012…

The guys at Strategicon and PlusTenToAwesome.com are running a few Force on Force Middle East games this weekend at Orccon in Los Angeles. GameCraft Miniatures worked with the guys at PlusTenToAwesome.com to get them the Middle East 20mm buildings they needed for their game.

Based on the results of the first game today I think we have a success on our hands. This evening’s game was just the first of several to run this weekend there will be two games this Sunday and I will be in attendance for both of those games as well. Tonight’s game was a 10 turn game that ended with the Americans seizing their objective in the last seconds of the 10th turn. The battle was well fought and fun to watch.

The guys assembled and finished all of the buildings in just a few days prior to the convention, they have plans to fine tune the detailing of the buildings and add additional accessories such as air conditioners and satellite dishes in the future. In spite of getting the buildings finished in just a few days they managed to achieve some very nice results. I’m looking forward to the next convention when they will have more buildings and more time to put into finishing the buildings they already have.

I will continue to work with strategicon and the guys from PlusTenToAwesome.com and supply them with the buildings they need for future games and I’m sure by the next convention the gaming board be much larger and far more detailed than what you see below in the photos.

Below are just a few photos from tonight’s game. Click here to see all the photos on our Flickr page.


Design and manufacturing of a 285th scale ship model

Recently I started working on a 1/285th scale (6mm) version of the US Navy LCS2 Independence.

This project utilizes rapid prototyping (3D Printing), Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, and good old fashioned scratchbuilding by hand.

The following are some of the steps in the process.

The first step is the research phase, this involves downloading every available photo that can be found on the internet and researching dimensions and other details about the craft.

After all the research is done it’s time to generate 2D CAD drawings of the ship.

Included in the CAD drawing process is creating flat views of some of the parts that will be laser cut and engraved from flat stock.

Next, 3D solid CAD models are created for some of the parts that will be made using rapid prototyping technology (3D Printing).

Once all the CAD work  is done it’s time to start building the model.  Below you see some of the laser cut and engraved parts as well as some hand made scratchbuilt parts.

More to come soon….