New 6mm Revetment

Perfect for artillery pieces or air defense units. Master model designed and built by David Farrell.  David designed this as the perfect accessory for the GHQ SA-10 Grumble surface to air missile system and works for other artillery and anti aircraft artillery.

Piece is cast in one solid piece of resin, simply paint and use.


6mm Modular Elevated Roads

The 6mm (1/285th scale) Modular Elevated Roadway System is now online at

The pieces below are just in gray primer but I think you’ll get a pretty good idea of what they look like. Actually the simple gray does not look so bad.

6mm Version of the Sci-Fi Shop/Garage Building

Finally got around to making the 6mm version of the Sci-Fi Shop/Garage building.

New GHQ Minis Coming Next Week

This week I ordered the following new GHQ minis:
W-101 T-72 TUSK
N-577 CV90105
N-578 Challenger 2 (TES)
N-579 M977 HEMMT Armoured

In an email from GHQ today I was informed that my order was being processed “right now”, so I expect we’ll see these new pieces on the site sometime late next week.

The only piece I’ve seen a photo of so far is the Challenger and it looks nice.


New Ultra Modern / Sci-Fi City Buildings

Perfect for ultra modern cities or future world sci-fi games in 6mm (Epic Scale) and 1/285th scale.

This is a set of 6 buildings.  There are three designs; a one story building, a two story building, and a tree story building. You get one each of those designs and a mirror image of each, making a total of 6 buildings.

Model is precision laser cut from the highest quality mat board (as used in the picture framing industry), this is not flimsy pGoogle ChromeScreenSnapz007aper, this is stiff mat board.  Models go together in minutes using common white glue or “Tacky glue” and can be painted to any level of detail you desire or simply sprayed one color so you can get back to gaming.

For more info, click here:

WWII European Bombed City – 1/285th scale (6mm)

A 40″ x 40″ game board representing a generic WWII European destroyed city. There are just over 200 buildings making up this city. Every building on this board is a GameCraft Miniatures MatBoard series building. MatBoard buildings are made of laser cut MatBoard, a thick paper type material that is lightweight, durable, easy to work with and cuts with amazing accuracy on the laser cutter. So, if you have any reservations about working with MatBoard, check out these photos and see what can be done with this cool material.

City-17 City-16 City-15 City-14 City-13 City-12 City-11 City-10 City-9 City-8 City-7 City-6 City-5 City-4 City-3 City-2 City-1