New subcategories for 1/285th Middle East Buildings

The 1/285th scale Middle Eastern buildings category includes resin cast buildings, acrylic building kits and matboard building kits.  As the category grew to hundreds of items it started become difficult to tell which items were resin, which were acrylic and which were matboard … so we’ve added sub-categories for the three different types of kits.

Now you have a choice.  If you want to see all items, regardless of material you can scroll through all the 1/285th scale Middle East structures, just like it was before or you can select any of the sub-categories if you only interesting one type of kit.

In addition to the three material types we’ve also added specific categories for Mosques, Ruined Buildings, and Middle East Accessories.

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285th Scale Middle East

New sub-categories for the 285th scale middle east series

Force on Force game at Orccon 2012

Reporting live from Orccon 2012…

The guys at Strategicon and are running a few Force on Force Middle East games this weekend at Orccon in Los Angeles. GameCraft Miniatures worked with the guys at to get them the Middle East 20mm buildings they needed for their game.

Based on the results of the first game today I think we have a success on our hands. This evening’s game was just the first of several to run this weekend there will be two games this Sunday and I will be in attendance for both of those games as well. Tonight’s game was a 10 turn game that ended with the Americans seizing their objective in the last seconds of the 10th turn. The battle was well fought and fun to watch.

The guys assembled and finished all of the buildings in just a few days prior to the convention, they have plans to fine tune the detailing of the buildings and add additional accessories such as air conditioners and satellite dishes in the future. In spite of getting the buildings finished in just a few days they managed to achieve some very nice results. I’m looking forward to the next convention when they will have more buildings and more time to put into finishing the buildings they already have.

I will continue to work with strategicon and the guys from and supply them with the buildings they need for future games and I’m sure by the next convention the gaming board be much larger and far more detailed than what you see below in the photos.

Below are just a few photos from tonight’s game. Click here to see all the photos on our Flickr page.


Loads of new structures added today…

…Almost too many to list. Tonight I added 10 new buildings to the site and over the last few days I’ve added some others as well. Most of the structures added are in the 15mm Middle East series, 20mm versions will be added in the next day or so as well and most of them already exist in the 1/285th scale line.. the ones that are not yet available in 285th will be added real soon.

Many of the strucures added are Afghan style walled compounds, there is also another cool ruined building, larger version of the recently released school building and micely detailed story middle eastern building.

Here are just a few of the new buildings added tonight

Full sise images of all the new items can be seen on our flickr page by clicking here

Added tonight:

Just For Fun

Today I took some photos of some of our 15mm products out in the desert. You can see them on our flick page by clicking here

Gas Station in 1/285th Scale

Today we are releasing the 285MEV045 Gas Station. This gas station is a very generic design so that it can be used in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and even the Americas and other regions. It’s plain, clean design suggests it’s a modern structure and is suitable for the Cold War period and onward. The gas station is a single piece resin casting, no assembly required, just paint and play.

For users of our 285th scale modular road system we are offering a 4 way intersection specially designed for this gas station. The part number for the intersection is 285MEV046.

Gas station shown with optional 4 way intersection