20mm Belgium Gates

Gate measures 1.55″ wide and 1.33″ tall and entire structure is 1.92″ deep.  Kit consists of two gates that interlock so you can make a barrier of as many gates as you like.

Kit contains two Belgium Gates made of 1/16″ acrylic (Plexiglass / Persplex).  See this item on our site at http://store.gcmshop.com/p/1978/20mm-belgium-gates-2-per-kit-20macr001

The Cointet-element, also known as a Belgian Gate or C-element, was a heavy steel fence of about three metres wide and two metres high, heavily used as a mobile anti-tank obstacle during World War II. An individual fence element weighted about 1,280 kg but was movable e.g. with two horses through the use of two fixed and one rotating roller. Its invention is attributed to a French colonel, Léon-Edmond de Cointet de Fillain (1870-1948, later to become general), who came up with the idea in 1933 during the run-up to WWII, as to be used in the Maginot Line. Besides its use as barricade to the entrance to forts, bridges and roads, the heavy fences are most-known for their use in the Belgian Iron Wall of the KW-line and the re-use as beach obstacles on the Atlantikwall.

Al Sijood Palace in 1/285th Scale

I am working on this new piece for our 285th scale middle east collection. This is the Al Sijood Palace in Baghdad Iraq. This will be a resin cast kit that comes in several pieces. I’ve taken some liberties in scaling this building down, the actual building in 1/285th scale would be about 16″ long … I’ve cheated a bit and got it down to a more reasonable 10″ long while still maintaining an impressive size.  I’m doing something very new with this kit, creating a mixed media kit.  The 4 walls and the dome will be resin castings and the roof and internal structure will be MDF.

These photos show the internal frame structure that is made of laser cut MDF.  This internal structure also makes up the roof pieces.   Note: the dome will not be a perfect hemisphere like the one shown, the Al Sijood Palace has a dome with a slight point to it’s top ,, the white dome shown here is for demonstration purposes only.

Palace-6 Palace-4 Palace-3 Palace-2 Palace-1

New 28mm Wild West Kits

Today we are announcing a few new additions to our  28mm Wild West series of structures.

The first structure is a two story building that includes an external staircase leading up to the upper floor (Kit number 28MWEST026).  On this model the stairs can end at the front of the building or the rear of the building and the wall with the upstairs door can go on the left or right side of the building … giving you 4 different possible ways to build this kit.

Other new buildings, some with external staircases will follow in the next few days.

Also added today is a spare parts kit (Kit number 28MWEST024) that includes  window frames, door frames, doors, balcony supports, and other bits. This is great for doing customization to your buildings or in case you lost or broke a piece or if you are doing some scratchbuilding and want the finishing touches for your new creation.

The third release for today is a set of two staircases (Kit number 28MWEST025) just like the one shown on the kit pictured, this kit allows you to customizes existing GameCraft Wild West structures with external staircases or use them on the interior of the building so your cowboys can actually get to the second floor.

To see these and other great 28mm Wild West structures please click here.

Airship Hangar in 285th Scale

This kit was inspired by the airship hangars at NAS Lakhurst NJ.Some artistic license had to be taken regarding accuracy of scale, if this was a true to scale model at 1/285th scale it would be approximately twice as large as it already is and we thought that was a little too big for gaming.

The overall size of the model with the doors closed is 20″ x 8.37″ x 5.2″ tall(508mm x 212mm x 132mm)

This model kit is made from .060″ (1.5mm) Acrylic (also know as Plexiglass or Persplex) for maximum durability.

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