GCmini Helping to spread the gaming geek culture

Last year we worked with College Humor on the production of their “Dimension 20” series for Dropout TV.

Here is the synopsis of Dimension 20 from IMDB “Welcome to the land of dragons, wizards – and guidance counselors? Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan presents CollegeHumor’s very first RPG with an ’80s twist.”

We provided them with many building kits, some the built straight of the box, others were modified by their model and prop guys. We also supplied them with several modified kits and many custom pieces as well.

We worked closely with Rick Perry, the Production Designer and we got them what they needed in the time frame they needed it, often shipping custom parts the same day they were ordered.

Having been a full time commercial model maker my whole life and working with the entertainment industry from time to time, I went into this understanding that when a production calls to say they need something, they need it yesterday. I’m really happy that we were able to accommodate them every time.

The photos we are sharing are from the show and behind the scenes. Most shots include a GCmini kit, a modified kit, or some custom made bits we did just for the show.