New items in stock and added to the site today

DZC10002 – Dropzone Commander: UCM Command Cards

DZC10011 – Dropzone Commander: 2 Player Starter Set

VAL70155 – Vallejo Model Color Set: German Armour Paint Set (6)

WGB-AI-502 – 
Bolt Action: US M4 Sherman Plastic Boxed Set (75)

WGB-RI-500 – Bolt Action: Soviet T34/85 Soviet Medium Tank

WGB-START-03 – Bolt Action: US American Starter Army

Bolt Action: German Blitzkrieg! German Heer Starter Army

WGB-START-10 – Bolt Action: US Marine Corps Starter Army

WGB-WM-505 – Bolt Action: German Panzer IV Ausf. H

WGB-WM-508 – Bolt Action: Tiger I

New Paint Rack

New Paint Rack added. This new one is designed for an assortment of sizes of bottles. Paint rack holds 39 bottles of assorted sizes. The bottom two rows hold 36mm bottles, the next two rows hold 32mm bottles, the top row holds 26mm bottles.

Paint Racks … Not Just For Gamers

Our paint racks are not just for gamers, they are also great for model builders, model railroaders and all sorts of other crafts.  Someone the paints fishing lures or duck decoys would love these racks.  Heck, they are not even just for guys.  Here is one that belongs to a young lady named Hannah.  She was making a small workbench for her crafts and dollhouse making when she realized that she needed a way to keep her paints organized.  She ended up getting the 36mm Paint Rack from GameCraft and is filling it up with some acrylic hobby paints she got at WalMart. As you can see, she also got a little creative and added a back piece to the rack and added some very stylish graphics.

DIY Airbrushing Paint Booth


Airbrushing booth with a 14″ x 19″ work area that is about 13″ deep from the front to the filter.

This DIY booth lit includes the following items:

Laser cut MDF parts
4″ metal duct flange for the back of the booth
One 14″ x 20″ x 1″ filter (replacements readily available at all home improvement stores).

You will need purchase a 4″ dryer vent hose (length of your choice) and the exhaust fan of your choice. Hose and exhaust fan are NOT included in this kit. Leaving these options to you allows you to choose the fan you like. A Google search for 4″ Inline fan will show you several options, some as low as $25.00. If you have a local hydroponics store you can find some very nice 4″ inline and centrifugal “squirrel cage” type fans. Please note that any fan where the electric motor is in the airflow is not recommended for use with solvent based (flammable) paints. Choose the proper fan for the type of paint you will be using. I’ve heard of people using small computer type fans in booths like this, what type of fan you choose is up to you. The best option in my personal opinion is a 4″ Squirrel Cage Fan like you will find at your local hydroponics store.

For the price of this unit, even if you buy a very nice exhaust fan for $50.00 or more, you will be saving over $150.00 compared to commercially available airbrushing booths like Paasche airbrush booth.

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Paint Color Guide – France

Sometimes figuring out what color to paint buildings to make them look correct can be difficult. Even if you have some good photos of buildings in the region you are interested in, it can still be tricky to pick out the colors correctly.
Here is a little something I made for painting buildings in France. I went thought photos I have taken of buildings all over France (from Normandy to Paris to Toulouse to Nice) on my various trips over there and I isolated colors that I saw on buildings and put them on this graphic. Some of the colors are raw stone and some are painted colors but all of them are from buildings around France. I even tried to represent them by their frequency of appearance, the larger the swatch is on this graphic, the more common that color was.
Hope this helps you in painting your buildings.