GHQ Micro Armor Restocked

We just restocked our GHQ Micro Armor inventory with about 200 packs including 6 brand new products:
Russian T-54
Indian T-90S Bhishma
ISIS Infantry
Swedish CV9030
US HEMTT Gun Truck
US A-37 Dragonfly

Thunder Run Game at Orccon 2015

Last night’s┬ábig Micro Armor game sponsored by GameCraft Miniatures. Good times were had by all. The Iraqis got the backsides handed to them but they took out a respectable number of M1A1 Abrams tanks in the process,,, 6 of them, that’s roughly 6 more than the real Iraqis took out in this campaign.

New GHQ Minis Coming Next Week

This week I ordered the following new GHQ minis:
W-101 T-72 TUSK
N-577 CV90105
N-578 Challenger 2 (TES)
N-579 M977 HEMMT Armoured

In an email from GHQ today I was informed that my order was being processed “right now”, so I expect we’ll see these new pieces on the site sometime late next week.

The only piece I’ve seen a photo of so far is the Challenger and it looks nice.


Patriot Radar Trailer

Early work-in-progress version of the Patriot AN/MPQ-53 radar. The trailer is the same as the Patriot trailer with the exception of the removal of the forward generator and a full sheet of “diamond plate” put in it’s place.
Much fine tuning needs to be done to the radar unit itself and then I’ll make the mold and start casting them. Should be about another week.

radar-1 radar-2