Infinity, and Not Beyond It

Now at we’re carrying Infinity, well most of it as it meets its namesake there’s a lot. Even the two player battle packs of which I’ll be talking about Operation Coldfront. The Operation Coldfront battle pack pits the Ariadna and the Aleph against each other. In this battle pack the starter sets for each faction is included meaning you’ll receive the following:


3x line Kazak

1x Tank Hunter

1x Veteran Kazak

1x Ariadna Scout


3x Dakini Tacbots

1x Shukra Consultant

1x Yadu Trooper

1x Deva Functionary

Not only those but two exclusives, an Armata-2 Proyekt Ratnik, as well as Nagas. On top of that you’re getting ten pieces of scenery as well as one battle map, keeping with the theme of the scenery. Of course you’ll get all that you need to play; six twenty sided dice, state/order markers, a ruler, a template, and a 92 page Operation Coldfront booklet. The booklet details the history and some interesting facts of each faction, as well as the quick rules to get you through your first game. The complete rule book is sold separately from this battle pack, but the booklet is enough to get you hooked. Get your starter battle pack now at There’s a variety of them, which we carry, but they mostly differ in the factions you get to start.

New Cruel Seas Fleets

Hitting the waters of your gaming tables are the French as well as the Soviet fleets! Both of these sets are the starter packs for their respective armies in cruel seas. The Italian Regina Marina(not to be confused as “marinara” as I read upon first inspection of the box) fleet comes with 4 metal MAS boats, 1 biplane, 1 F-lighter, MZ-Motozattera, and 1 Gabbiano-class corvette. As well as the usual markers and cards. The Soviet fleet comes with 1 Fugas-class Minesweeper, 1 Il-2 Sturmovik plane, 2 Bronekaters, 4 D-3 MTB ships, and 4 G-5 MTB submarines. As well as the standard markers and data cards. Come get em’ at

Warlords of Erehwon (New 28mm Skirmish Game)

From warlord games comes Warlords of Erehwon, a new fantasy based skirmish game set in the scale of 28mm. The game is designed in such a way that you can throw any of your fantasy miniatures onto the table and start fighting. Although there are starter sets and unit expansions you can buy. The non restrictive rules are also quite familiar if you’ve played a few of Warlord’s other games (ie. Gates of Antares and Bolt Action). Though the rules feel quite familiar and can be picked up easily they are not without depth, for those of us who cherish stats you’ll find a lot to like in combat. Combat is wide ranging from hand to hand, archery, mortars, even the flames of a dragon this world covers all your fantasy desires. Check it out here at

Chewbacca and Wookiee Warriors Coming to Your Table

Coming to your table from the forest planet Kashyyyk are none other than Chewbacca and a band of Wookiee warriors. Armed with bow casters, thermal imploders, and Ryyk blades, they’re ready to help you defeat the Imperial overlords. Chewbacca comes with, well, himself, one unit card three command cards, three upgrade cards, twelve tokens, and a rulesheet. Aid your rebel forces and get them here at

Scout Troopers

Scout troopers they’re the best of the best, the special operatives of the empire. We now carry them at GCmini

The unit expansion includes 7 minis, 2 unit cards, 5 upgrade cards, 17 tokens, and a rule sheet. Come get them now at

Boba Fett Star Wars Legion

Clones? No, we want the one that breaks the mold and he’s here. At GCmini we’re now carrying the Boba Fett operative expansion for StarWars Legion. Other than Boba himself the expansion includes one unit card, three command cards, three upgrade cards, and twelve tokens. Step up your force with Boba Fett and get over to

(Not to mention he’s flying which makes it that much better)