Memorial Day Sale 2018

Attention miniatures lovers! Our Memorial Day sale has gone live for our social media and blog followers! Our followers will be able to take advantage of our sale two days before everyone else! The sale ends Monday May 28th at midnight (pdt.). So take advantage of it while you can! Just use the coupon code MEMORIAL2018 at our website when checking out. The coupon code grants you fifteen percent off your whole order!


Tournament Trays

Our brand new tournament trays have been released! They’re designed for taking the miniatures that you need to a convention, tournament, local game shop, or even just a friends house. Bring a platoon not the whole army, is the thinking behind this. Many times you keep all your miniatures together in one container, safe and sound right? Well it’s not always the best for transport since you’re taking your whole collection, but these trays solve the problem. They have a carrying capacity of forty miniatures, thirty-eight slots for 25mm bases and two for 60mm bases. The tray also includes a drawer with reconfigurable inserts allowing you to accommodate all your accessories. From D6’s to laser pointers the drawer will hold it all.

The tray’s dimensions are 8.24″ by 12.24″ and is about three inches tall. Trays for other game systems will be added from time to time as well.

Allen’s Gaming Table

Last night Allen had a photo shoot of his table, which primarily features 28mm terrain. His table showcases a wide variety of our 28mm buildings designed with bolt action in mind. Check out the wonderful paint jobs and set up. Check out all these buildings here at

28mm Tudor House, Ruined

The new Tudor style house has been released! It’s quite similar to the las one in the series stature wise. Its dimensions are 5″ x 4″ x4″ tall. The model uses the same split timber frames making masking a thing of the past when painting. It’s easy and quick to build making it perfect for same day finishing. This one features a removable roof allowing access to the attic space, which is perfect for snipers or artillery observers. The ground floor has plenty of cover as well as windows giving your troops plenty of sight. Check it out here at!

Tudor style house

Today we just released this awesome looking kit for 28mm. Not only are the looks stunning but it’s a very functional model, both the upper floor and attic area are removable. This provides players with easy access to their figures and adds a multilevel aspect to your game table. The model also comes together quite fast due to the split timber detailing being a separate piece all together. First the main shell of the house is built and the split timber is added covering seams and giving the model great dimension. The model is 5″ x 5″ x 8″ tall (127mm x 127 mm x 203mm). Check it out or snag a kit for yourself here

Three New Buildings Added Tonight

Three new 28mm buildings added to the site tonight. One 2 story house, 1 one story house, and one ruined one story house.
All roofs are removable and upper floor is also removable.