New Blood and Plunder Gear!

The new Blood and Plunder blisters as well as the “No Peace Beyond The Line” book are now here at! The blisters range from Dutch commanders to militia Calvary. The new book is an entity in itself. While you can’t use this book alone, it must be used in conjunction with the rule book, it does add a lot to the game. Such as new rules to refine and add complexity to gameplay as well as going the extra mile and giving rules for campaign settings. In which your unit can progress and be upgraded over time. There’s also a lengthy section detailing the factions, their units, and their abilities.


New Star Wars Legion Expansions

The latest and greatest of StarWars Legion is now at . We have the commander expansion Leia Organa which includes one miniature, one unit card, three command cards, three upgrade cards, twelve tokens, and a rule sheet. As well as Leia we have the fleet troopers and the snow troopers. Each set comes with seven miniatures, eight tokens, five upgrade cards, one unit card, and a rule sheet. Check ‘em out at

Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Now on our shelves is the Fallout Wasteland Warfare starter box. The box includes two rule books (a QuickStart and full length as well) a campaign book. The campaign book details a co-op/ solo mode as well as rules for settlements and extra scenarios. Amongst the books are two sheets of cardboard chits, a bag of ten polyhedral dice, two paper game mats, two decks of cards, a bunch of bags, and most importantly twelve,very detailed, pre-assembled miniatures. Though the first thing that struck me were the miniatures, as I read the rule book familiarizing myself with the mechanics I found out that the game is very true to the source material. It’s a wargame that uses many rpg elements to both immerse you in the world and make it feel like you’re controlling a character rather than a small group of soldiers. You have to dodge hazardous terrain, deal with radiation poisoning, and well if you aren’t very agile fall off of buildings. If that strikes your fancy then check it out at

New Middle Easter/ Western Buildings for Bolt Action

With the popularity of modern 28mm skirmish games like Spectre Operations and WWII 28mm skirmish games like Bolt Action and the upcoming releases of the Western Desert Bolt Action campaign and miniatures, GameCraft Miniatures have released a line of 8 new Middle Eastern / Western Desert buildings. These buildings were designed with skirmish gaming in mind, they have removable roofs so you can get inside easily, the two story models have removable floors so you can play in every floor, and they all have bases so the inside of the model has a real floor. These 8 new models are available now. Also available is our middle eastern starter set which comes with three of the eight buildings. These new buildings especially the temple and ruined temple work well with our older kit of 28mm temple walls (

These new buildings can be found here

Another use for the LED Workbench Light

Sometimes I think of something so simple that I can’t believe I missed it all along. Tonight was one of those moments … I found a great additional use for our LED Workbench Lights … model photography. They work great, providing light from many angles and eliminating shadows. I’m not sure how I didn’t think of this earlier.

Blood and Plunder

The smell of gunpowder and the salt of the sea fill the air, a crew of tattered men find themselves in the midst of a firefight upon a French vessel. Grappling hooks swung through the open air landing, then reeling the French vessel into the merciless grasp of the unaligned. What should the panicked crew do? Well, you’re the one to decide their fate. “How?”, you may ask, by taking control of your force of pirates and rising through the chaotic blasts of flintlocks and canon fire to find victory in the heat of battle. You can do just that in Blood and Plunder, the pirate based skirmish game by firelock games. This game is a new take on the skirmish wargame, it utilizes not only ground combat but naval combat as well providing a diverse range of play styles. Man your vessels or units using the beautifully designed activation decks and detailed ten sided dice, both of which have options for every faction in the game. The factions, which prove to be very accurate according to the historical time period, are the French, the English, the Spanish, and the unaligned which represent, mostly, the native people of the Caribbean. The activation deck is composed of fifty-four cards, a standard deck of cards may be used as long as jokers are included. The activation deck acts as a randomized set of actions that change in between turns, each card details the amount of actions its assigned unit can take. The dice are used to resolve some actions and all tests. Here at GCmini not only do we stock both the dice and card decks but figure packs for every faction, all the nationality sets, legendary commander packs and marker dice. Not to mention the ships, as of now we have a few but on our next order we’ll have them all. So check out the game and products here at