Three New Buildings Added Tonight

Three new 28mm buildings added to the site tonight. One 2 story house, 1 one story house, and one ruined one story house.
All roofs are removable and upper floor is also removable.

Latest addition to the 28mm line

Super easy and fast to assemble and paint.  These work great for games like Bolt Action and other 28mm games set in Europe.

6mm Ready To Use Hedge Rows

Just added tonight, 6mm (1/285th scale) ready to use hedgerows. Base is made of .060″ (1.5mm) acrylic for durability, base is covered in ground covering and then hedges are applied.

Hedges are random height but most fall within a range of about .2″ to .4″ tall (5mm to 10mm) with most being about .25″ tall.

There are three packages, the first contains 3 pieces of hedge row at 6″ long, the second pack contains 3 each (6 pieces total) of 2″ and 4″ hedge rows, and the third pack contains 2 each of 90 degree and 45 degree corner pieces.

You can find these items and other cool 6mm scenery bits here:

New European Building in 6mm

A few photos of the new 6mm European building (285TAV010) suitable for WWII through Today. Another great piece for your WWII Micro Armor games and Team Yankee in 6mm. The raised split timbers make it easy to paint ,,, as long as you have good eyes or a strong magnifier,, like I do.

New 6mm Buildings

Four new 6mm Middle Eastern buildings as well as a brand new European style split timber building. Also remastered and made new molds for three other European style buildings (not pictured). The new European style split timber building features a new level of detail for such a small piece, the split timbers are raised a very slight amount adding to the realism and making them much easier to paint whether you use a brush, paint pen or even a felt marking pen.
Painted examples of these new buildings will be posted when time permits.

Three more painted samples of new 15mm European City Buildings

Getting ready for Team Yankee

New 15mm European Buildings

I am happy to announce the new 15mm European Building series. Today 12 items from the series have been put online, another 10 will be online in the next few days. I am very pleased with these new buildings, I think I’ve acomplished an excellent level of detail while keeping the prices very reasonable.
These buildings should be perfect for the very popular Flames of War and the upcoming release of Team Yankee.
For more info or to get yours please go to:

New 1/285th European City Buildings

Two new 1/285th scale European city buildings. One long block of buildings and one corner building. Inspired by an actual building in Paris France.

Corner Building:

Block of buildings:

Painted samples coming soon.