The Aussies Have Arried

Just in today, 28mm WWII minis of Australian and Papuan troops. Also the new Bolt Action New Guinea campaign book.


New 28mm Ruined Church Kit

Hey guys, I finally got around to assembling and painting the new 28mm Ruined Church kit. Here are a few photos of the kit, built as supplied. I plan in adding some additional details to make it my own … but I wanted to show you what it looks like built right out of the box.

Progress on 28mm Brownstones

Some more progress on the Brownstone series in 28mm.  I have 7 different buildings designed and I’m cutting them and assembling them as fast as I can.  Here are the first three, I’m assembling two more right now.  I’ll have the entire series (7 buildings) online later tonight or tomorrow,,, some might only be drawings or photos of cut parts, but I’ll get photos of completed models online ASAP.

Brownstone-2 Brownstone-1

First Look; Brownstones in 28mm

Row houses in 28mm inspired by the Brownstone style buildings found in New York and the New England region. I could even see these working in other regions like along the canals in Amsterdam.
Planned variations on this design included shorter versions, taller versions, wider version, narrower versions and variations in trim and details. Look for a few of these new structures to be online in about a week or less.

Other scales to follow after the initial release in 28mm

Tomorrow’s War Buildings By GameCraft Miniatures

Tomorrow’s War buildings custom finished and painted by Adam Huenecke. These models are 28mm scale, all Tomorrow’s War models are available in both 15mm and 28mm. You can contact Adam via Twitter at @Adam_Huenecke

28mm Subway Entrances

Something cool for your superhero, sci-fi, steampunk or zombie apocalypse games .. or anything else that has a city setting. Available as a single entrance that you put anywhere or as a street section (compatible with all other 28mm road sections) that includes an entrance on each side of the street.
Available as unfinished MDF kits, signs and decals not included.
To check these out on the site just go to and enter “subway” in the search box.