28mm Ruined Tank Factory

A sneak peek at the GCmini Ruined Tank Factory in 28mm that Jeremy Williams will have at Adepticon this year. I cannot wait to see it in a game.

Three New Buildings Added Tonight

Three new 28mm buildings added to the site tonight. One 2 story house, 1 one story house, and one ruined one story house.
All roofs are removable and upper floor is also removable.


New 28mm Ruined Church Kit

Hey guys, I finally got around to assembling and painting the new 28mm Ruined Church kit. Here are a few photos of the kit, built as supplied. I plan in adding some additional details to make it my own … but I wanted to show you what it looks like built right out of the box.

Progress on 28mm Brownstones

Some more progress on the Brownstone series in 28mm.  I have 7 different buildings designed and I’m cutting them and assembling them as fast as I can.  Here are the first three, I’m assembling two more right now.  I’ll have the entire series (7 buildings) online later tonight or tomorrow,,, some might only be drawings or photos of cut parts, but I’ll get photos of completed models online ASAP.

Brownstone-2 Brownstone-1