Broken link on the site fixed now

For quite some time now, every time I ship out a kit that is made of acrylic I have tried to remember to put one of these stickers on the package. The link takes you to a page with a YouTube video that teaches you about working with and bonding acrylic.
At some point in the recent past the page I was sending you to simply went away and I did not notice till today. So, if you ever went looking for that page and did not find it, it’s back now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Tutorial – Applying Stucco Type Finish To Middle Eastern Buildings

I got an email today from our of customers, Cameron and it said:

Hi Allen. I just posted a brief guide on my blog on the process I used to make my Gamecraft Afghan buildings look more like mud brick. It may be of interest:

I really like the buildings I got. You make a good product!

Have a look at his blog to see how he applied the exterior finish to his MDF Afghan style buildings.

Click on the link above to read his blog post and see more photos,  be sure to scroll all the way down and click on “Newer Post” to see the results.

For an alternate method of applying texture to middle east buildings you might want to also check out this YouTube video , it was made for FoamCore buildings, but the technique for using texture spray works the same on MDF buildings.