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Last year we worked with College Humor on the production of their “Dimension 20” series for Dropout TV.

Here is the synopsis of Dimension 20 from IMDB “Welcome to the land of dragons, wizards – and guidance counselors? Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan presents CollegeHumor’s very first RPG with an ’80s twist.”

We provided them with many building kits, some the built straight of the box, others were modified by their model and prop guys. We also supplied them with several modified kits and many custom pieces as well.

We worked closely with Rick Perry, the Production Designer and we got them what they needed in the time frame they needed it, often shipping custom parts the same day they were ordered.

Having been a full time commercial model maker my whole life and working with the entertainment industry from time to time, I went into this understanding that when a production calls to say they need something, they need it yesterday. I’m really happy that we were able to accommodate them every time.

The photos we are sharing are from the show and behind the scenes. Most shots include a GCmini kit, a modified kit, or some custom made bits we did just for the show.

Team Yankee is back … bigger and better than ever

In 2015, Battlefront Miniatures released Team Yankee, a 15mm wargame in cold war era Europe. GCmini was stocking the game and all the miniatures at that time and we even created an entire line of scenery specifically geared towards Team Yankee. For a while the game sold very well and then after a while, as with any new game, sales slowed a bit. When sales slowed, we decided to stop selling the game. I can admit now, years later, that this was a mistake. Team Yankee has grown in popularity and many new models and books have been released. The game has evolved past cold war Europe and now covers the areas of the middle east and countries like the United Kingdom, NATO, France, Iraq, Iran, Israel in addition to the original US, USSR, and West and East Germany.
So, to make a long story short (too late huh?), we have seen the error in our ways and are stocking Team Yankee once again.
In the attached photo you will see the first shipment to reach our warehouse, even more is one the way shortly.
Check out our selection of Team Yankee books and models at

New Products Added In The Last Few Days

New products added to the GCmini.com website so far this week.

GameCraft Miniatures: 28mm Tank Factory – 28MMDF170
GameCraft Miniatures: Bolt Action Troop Transport
Vallejo: Airbrush Cleaner 200ml
Vallejo: Airbrush Flow Improver 200ml
Vallejo: Model Wash – Black 35ml
Vallejo: Model Wash – Desert Dust 35ml
Vallejo: Primer, Grey 200ml
Vallejo: Primer, German Dark Yellow 200ml
Vallejo: Primer, German Red Brown 200ml
Vallejo: Primer, German Green Brown 200ml
Vallejo: Primer, US Olive Drab 200ml
Star Trek Attack Wing: Wave 01 Klingon IKS Kronos One Expansion

Labor Day Weekend Sale – 20% Off

GameCraft Miniatures Labor Day Weekend Sale starts right now. Now through Monday at midnight you get 20% off everything you purchase in the following store categories:
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GameCraft Miniatures Photo Contest

First prize is for the best overall photo. This one is for the photography geeks out there. I’ll be looking at things like composition, lighting, focus, DoF, subject, scene, and just generally the entire package.

Second prize is for best model. Perhaps you are great at painting and finishing models but you do not have a $2000 DSLR camera with a $1700 lens and tons of lights and reflectors … maybe you shoot with your camera phone. That’s what this prize is for. I’m looking for a great model, even if the photo is not pro quality.

Third prize (3 to be awarded) is for those of you that think maybe your photography or building/finishing skills are not up to par yet but you are working on them. These prizes will be awarded to three people based on a totally random selection process. Three winners will be selected from all of the entries at random. This is to encourage everyone to participate. You may not be a professional model maker or a great photographer… but I still want to see what you are doing with the products that I produce.


First $50 in store credit
Second $30 in store credit
Third $15 in store credit (three 3rd prizes will be awarded)

Details / Rules:

Submissions will be accepted May 18 2016 through June 1 2016

Winners will be announced on June 2 2016 and will be posted to the GameCraft Miniatures Facebook page and a newsletter will be sent out announcing the winners.

Each person can submit up to three (3) photos (three chances to win)

Submit your photos via email to allen@gcmini.com with the subject line: Photo Contest

To help me keep photo organized, please name files with your name. For example, samsmith1.JPG , samsmith2.JPG, etc

If you submit more than one photo please put them in a ZIP file and name that file using your name, for example; samsmith.ZIP

By submitting a photo or photos to this contest, you agree to allow Allen Rockwell and GameCraft Miniatures to use the photo(s) on any social media, websites, online store, print advertising or any other promotional media.

Photos can be of individual GameCraft Miniatures models, groups of models, game play, etc. Photos can certainly include miniatures from other companies but GameCraft products should be featured in the photo and/or be the main focus of the scene.

The decision of the judge (me) is final. Miniature painting and photography are both art forms and are very subjective. I will pick the photos that appeal to me. You may or may not agree with my choices.

After Christmas Sale

Did Santa forget to put you on his list this year? Did he forget you are a gamer? Or were you just really bad this year?
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Thanksgiving Day / Black Friday Sale Starts Now – 20% Off

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New 15mm European Buildings

I am happy to announce the new 15mm European Building series. Today 12 items from the series have been put online, another 10 will be online in the next few days. I am very pleased with these new buildings, I think I’ve acomplished an excellent level of detail while keeping the prices very reasonable.
These buildings should be perfect for the very popular Flames of War and the upcoming release of Team Yankee.
For more info or to get yours please go to: http://gcmini.mybigcommerce.com/15mm-European-Buildings/