Another use for the LED Workbench Light

Sometimes I think of something so simple that I can’t believe I missed it all along. Tonight was one of those moments … I found a great additional use for our LED Workbench Lights … model photography. They work great, providing light from many angles and eliminating shadows. I’m not sure how I didn’t think of this earlier.

New Painting Station Accessory

New product for our Painting Stations. Double Wide LED Light.

This light is exactly like our regular Paint Station light except that it has two strips of lights instead of one. Having two strips of light provides a greater amount of light for those of us that believe you can never have enough light when you are painting.

This unit comes pre-assembled and includes a 100-240vac to 12vdc power supply (with US style plug) hard wired into the light strip. Note: Power supply will accept input voltage up to 240vac but you will need to provide your own adapter for 240v wall sockets.

No assembly, no soldering, ready to use.

This piece attaches to your Painting Station (Purchased separately, Not included) and provides you with two 21″ long LED light strips that provide light on your work from many angles. This light strip provides great “fill light” and helps remove shadows on your work. I would not recommend this light strip as the only light source for painting or working on miniatures, it’s a great additional light source that provides fill light.

Important note: This is an optional accessory for the GCmini Painting Stations, the Painting Station kit is required and sold separately.