New 6mm Apartment Building

Another sweet looking apartment building in 1/285th scale (6mm). This model identical to 285CSS152 except it’s a about an inch narrower across the front making it a better fit for smaller spaces in your city. This model should work fine for most Middle East and African areas as well as near future scenarios. With the right finishes there is no reason this couldn’t fit in Eastern European setting as well.

New subcategories for 1/285th Middle East Buildings

The 1/285th scale Middle Eastern buildings category includes resin cast buildings, acrylic building kits and matboard building kits.  As the category grew to hundreds of items it started become difficult to tell which items were resin, which were acrylic and which were matboard … so we’ve added sub-categories for the three different types of kits.

Now you have a choice.  If you want to see all items, regardless of material you can scroll through all the 1/285th scale Middle East structures, just like it was before or you can select any of the sub-categories if you only interesting one type of kit.

In addition to the three material types we’ve also added specific categories for Mosques, Ruined Buildings, and Middle East Accessories.

(Click image to see larger version)

285th Scale Middle East

New sub-categories for the 285th scale middle east series