Olympic Hotel in 20mm and 15mm

The Olympic Hotel from the movie Blackhawk Down in 20mm. GameCraft Miniatures kit number 20MMDF168. Also available in 15mm scale as kit number 15MMDF170.
Perfect for playing the “Day of the Rangers” scenario for Force On Force from Ambush Alley Games.

Photos of the painted model coming soon.



A Few New Products

Yesterday I added a few new scenery items to the site.

First is a rooftop air conditioning unit that is suitable for both 15mm and 20mm structures (6mm and 28mm coming very soon).  For more info click here.  Next up is a 28mm drink vending machine.  Click here for more info.  Also added yesterday is a set of oil barrels and gas cans in 28mm scale.  Click here for more info.

Aircraft / Spacecraft Stand

New aircraft (spacecraft) stand from GameCraft Miniatures.

Base is made from 1/8″ laser cut MDF, the vertical arm is 1/16″ clear acrylic (plexiglass). Kit includes one rare earth magnet to attach to the top of the stand. You can place another small rare earth magnet (not included) or a small metal piece of metal (washer, etc) on the bottom of your aircraft.

This version is about 5″ tall. There will be a few other sizes including a very short one about 1″ tall for VTOLs and Helis unloading at a hover. Thanks for the idea Harold.

Photos show the stand with a 1/285th scale (6mm) F-15 Eagle, a 1/285th scale B-2 Stealth Bomber, a 1/285th scale shuttle model from the Star Wars X-Wing game, and a 15mm SX-18 Aurora Stealth VTOL from Clearhorizon Miniatures . Stand should be suitable for most models between 6mm and 20mm scales.


Two Lane Elevated Road System

Some time ago I introduced the elevated road system that is suitable for 15mm and 20mm gaming. The initial launch was a 4 lane highway system. Today I have launched the 2 lane version of the elevated highway system including a transition piece if you want to mix and match 2 lane and 4 lane pieces.

The 2 lane elevated roads have lanes that are the exact same width as our 2 lane ground level street system.

Please be aware that due to the different widths of the 2 lane and 4 lane systems, different support columns are needed for each system, however all support columns are the same height so everything will match up great. .



20mm Modern High Rise Building

Modern high rise building with lots of external detail.

Model measures 6″ x 5.2″ x 8.5″ tall ( 153mm x 132mm x 216mm)


Guard Tower in 15mm and 20mm

Guard Tower Model in 15mm and 20mm. 28mm version coming tomorrow.

15mm version http://gcmini.mybigcommerce.com/15mm-guard-tower-mdf-15mmdf162/

20mm version http://gcmini.mybigcommerce.com/20mm-guard-tower-mdf-20mmdf162/

The New Temple Kit

The new Temple kit. The photos show the 20mm version, the 15mm version is identical except 75% the size. The Temple building, the Base with Reflecting Pool, and the Compound Walls are all separate kits so you can buy just the pieces you want. There are also optional detailed door and window kits for both the temple building and the compound walls.

20mm version http://gcmini.mybigcommerce.com/20mm-temple-mdf-20mmdf160-1/

15mm version http://gcmini.mybigcommerce.com/15mm-temple-mdf-15mmdf160-1/