New Cruel Seas Fleets

Hitting the waters of your gaming tables are the French as well as the Soviet fleets! Both of these sets are the starter packs for their respective armies in cruel seas. The Italian Regina Marina(not to be confused as “marinara” as I read upon first inspection of the box) fleet comes with 4 metal MAS boats, 1 biplane, 1 F-lighter, MZ-Motozattera, and 1 Gabbiano-class corvette. As well as the usual markers and cards. The Soviet fleet comes with 1 Fugas-class Minesweeper, 1 Il-2 Sturmovik plane, 2 Bronekaters, 4 D-3 MTB ships, and 4 G-5 MTB submarines. As well as the standard markers and data cards. Come get em’ at

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