Blood and Plunder

The smell of gunpowder and the salt of the sea fill the air, a crew of tattered men find themselves in the midst of a firefight upon a French vessel. Grappling hooks swung through the open air landing, then reeling the French vessel into the merciless grasp of the unaligned. What should the panicked crew do? Well, you’re the one to decide their fate. “How?”, you may ask, by taking control of your force of pirates and rising through the chaotic blasts of flintlocks and canon fire to find victory in the heat of battle. You can do just that in Blood and Plunder, the pirate based skirmish game by firelock games. This game is a new take on the skirmish wargame, it utilizes not only ground combat but naval combat as well providing a diverse range of play styles. Man your vessels or units using the beautifully designed activation decks and detailed ten sided dice, both of which have options for every faction in the game. The factions, which prove to be very accurate according to the historical time period, are the French, the English, the Spanish, and the unaligned which represent, mostly, the native people of the Caribbean. The activation deck is composed of fifty-four cards, a standard deck of cards may be used as long as jokers are included. The activation deck acts as a randomized set of actions that change in between turns, each card details the amount of actions its assigned unit can take. The dice are used to resolve some actions and all tests. Here at GCmini not only do we stock both the dice and card decks but figure packs for every faction, all the nationality sets, legendary commander packs and marker dice. Not to mention the ships, as of now we have a few but on our next order we’ll have them all. So check out the game and products here at


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